Venture International

An International Christian Relief & Development Agency

Wheels of Life

In partnership with PET International, a producer of low cost wheelchairs, Venture International has developed a plan that will help alleviate some of the burden faced by our physically challenged brothers and sisters in third world countries by purchasing, shipping, and distributing special Personal Energy Transportation wheelchairs to those who qualify and most desperately need them.

PET works with people who have lost the use of their legs but have enough upper body and arm strength to deliver the power to drive PET. In one country, a shoemaker received a PET and now uses it to pick up raw goods for making shoes and delivering the finished product. In another country a PET rider uses it to take garden vegetables to market.

How You can Help: Your partnership in helping Venture International will ensure this desperately needed humanitarian mission is carried out, offering Wheels of Life to our physically challenged brothers and sisters.

Your charitable contribution, in any amount, will help make a real difference in the lives of our physically challenged brothers & sisters.


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